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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Law, 2009). National workshop on the system of Resolution of Disagreements of the WTO (Ministry of the Economy – WTO, 2008). WTI, University of Bern, Switzerland – Master of International Law and Economics, MILE12 (Masters in International Business Law, 2012)

Associate, Aguilar y Loera (2103-present). Fratini Vergano European Lawyers (Jr. Lawyer, 2012-2013). Avaya Communication de México, S.A. de C.V. (Jr. Lawyer, 2011). NAFTA Secretariat, Ministry of the Economy (Assistant Panelist 2008-2010). CONACYT and the Institute of Legal Investigation, UNAM (Investigative Assistant, 2008-2009)

“A WTO Panel will be composed to hear Canada’s and Norway’s concerns on the EU’s seals regime”, “Mexico files a request for WTO consultations concerning China’s textiles subsidies”, “WTO Members discuss the use of the ad hoc mediation mechanism for SPS disputes”, “The new GSP adopted by the EU reduces the number of beneficiaries”, “Brazil’s tax reduction scheme on industrialized products, particularly in the auto industry, lands before the WTO”, “Reasonable period of time determined by WTO arbitrator in the US- COOL dispute”, “EU – Singapore FTA specially designed to promote green growth”, “Brazil may initiate a WTO dispute concerning import restrictions imposed on beef”, “The WTO DSB establishes a panel to examine certain measures imposed by Argentina on the importation of goods”, “The EU and the US may initiate formal negotiations on a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment partnership” (Trade Perspectives Magazine of Fratini Vergano European Lawyers – No. 18-23 (2012) and No. 1-4 (2013); co-author of “Administrative Protective Orders in Trade Remedy Cases in Mexico” (Global Trade and Customs Journal, Volume 9, Issue 7&8 – July 2014).

Spanish, English, basic French

WTO and NAFTA Law; International Disagreement Resolution; Dumping y Protectionism, Free Trade Agreements; Customs Law; Contracts