We have collaborated on various energy projects, which enables us to offer specialized advice on this topic, with particular distinction in the following areas:

Incorporation and operation of mining companies
Applications and claims registrations for the exploration and usage of mining deposits
Presentation of operations requisites for mining concessions
Assignment of rights and coordination of processes before state and federal authorities
Processing of permits from the Ministry of National Defense for the use of explosives in specified industrial activity
Abiding by the stipulations set by the Ley del Servicio Público de Energía Eléctrica, we have participated in negotiation and application processes to obtain authorizations for the generation of electricity by the methods designated, as well as the drafting and negotiation of all manner of related contracts.
We have initiated consulting activities with private companies to bring proposed projects to fruition within the new framework of the Ley de la Industria Eléctrica.
  Natural Gas  
Representation in the negotiation and legalization of contracts for the transport of natural gas, stock capacity, interfacing contracts, mediation agreements and operating balance agreements, among others
Representation of participants in public bids convoked by decentralized bodies of the federal administration for the allocation of contracts for the transport of natural gas, including advising clients on arrangements for project implementation such as engineering, procurement and construction, project financing, etc.
Legal representation in projects for the overland transport of natural gas
Processing of permits from the regulatory energy commission (Comisión Reguladora de Energía) for the transportation, distribution and storage of natural gas
Assistance with the preparation and presentation of Expressions of Interest to the Comisión Reguladora de Energía for specified natural gas projects
Promotion and negotiation of strategic alliances between national companies and foreign entities interested in participating in natural gas projects in Mexico
Assistance with the implementation of various structures for the sale of natural gas
  Liquefied Petroleum Gas  
Consultation to domestic and foreign companies with respect to legislation concerning Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Procurement of distribution permits in various geographic areas of Mexico, and review and negotiation of supply contracts with PEMEX
Presentation of expansion applications in previously authorized geographic areas, as well as the quarterly and annual reports required by the Ministry of Energy