We have particular experience with many aspects of foreign trade and customs, including:  
Antidumping, countervailing duties, and protectionism investigations
Proceedings in unfair practices related to international business, such as:
- Scope procedures
- Annual reviews
- Sunset reviews
Participation in arbitration panels in cases of antidumping, subsidies, and safeguards under regional or multilateral trade agreements between Mexico and other countries; representing the interested party as well as acting as panelists
Rules of origin and verification audits
Tariff classification hearings before customs authorities
Consultation regarding:
  - Import trade barriers (ie. labelling requirements, compliance with Mexican Official Standards, quotas)
  - Import and Export promotion programs (IMMEX, etc.); sectorial promotional programs (PROSEC, etc.)
Certifications and Registries before the competent authorities (i.e., Certified Company, NEEC --equivalent to C-TPAT, VAT certification type "A", "AA" and "AAA", Import/Export Licensing Systems).
Exports control