Gisela Bolívar Villagómez



Ibero-American University, Mexico City (Law, 1987).
Charles III University of Madrid, Spain, Master of Laws in European Union Law (1997) and Diploma in Economic Competition (1997).
European Institute for Public Affairs and Lobbying (EIPAL), Belgium, Diploma in Lobbying (1998).


Partner at Aguilar & Loera, S.C. (2013 to date).

Panelist for the World Trade Organization (WTO) (2019 to date) (2011-2012). Panelist for Chapter 19 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (2008 to 2011).

Partner at JRA (2007- 2013).

Member of the WTO list of experts regarding International Commerce (2007 to date).

Partner at LVHS, S.C. (2002-2007).

Associate at JNNR S.C. (1999-2002).

Foreign Associate at O’Melveny & Myers LLP law firm, Washington D.C. (1998-1999).

Foreign Associate at O’Connor and Company, European Lawyers, Brussels (1997-1998). Director of Bilateral Judicial Procedures and Staff Coordinator for the Head of the International Trade Practices Unit at the Ministry of Trade (1993-1996).

Since 2019, panelist on the dispute lodged under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism for Australia versus Canada, regarding “Canada – Measures Governing the Sale of Wine”.

In 2011, panelist on disputes lodged under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras versus the Dominican Republic, regarding “Safeguard Measures on Imports of Polypropylene Bags and Tubular Fabric”.


Since 1999, she has taught several seminars in the USA and Mexico and has been a professor on Bachelor and Master of Laws courses and the Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at Universidad Iberoamericana A.C. (The Ibero-American University) and other universities, teaching subjects including the following: Free Trade Agreements; Dispute Settlement Mechanisms; European Union Law; International Business Administration; Customs Law; and International Trade Law. She participates as a regional expert on the Regional Trade Policy Course given by the WTO.


Among others: -La Inversión Extranjera Directa y el Estado de Derecho a la luz del T-MEC [Foreign Direct Investment and the Rule of Law with regard to USMCA]. In A. Chelminsky, et al., La Implementación del T-MEC: una prueba para América del Norte [USMCA Implementation: a test for North America] (1st ed.). Mexico City: Senate of the Republic.

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-Redefiniendo la relación para la prosperidad de Norteamérica [Redefining North America’s relationship for prosperity] [Ebook] (1st ed.). COMEXI. Collaboration.


International Commerce; Customs Law; Dumping Investigations and Subsidies; Safeguards; Economic Competition; Dispute Settlement Mechanisms; European Union Law; International Business Negotiations; Lobbying.


Spanish, English, French.